Chef Tim Magee opened Calafuria with his partners, and his Roman wife Cristina, in March 2016.
He spent more than 15 years in Tuscany, Italy, working in the Livorno coastal province, learning all the secrets of the regional cuisine from incredible cooks, and masters like Dutch chocolatier Paul DeBondt, artisanal gelato maker Gianfrancesco Cutelli and  Tuscan butcher maestros. His experience was a tutto tondo.

The name Calafuria was inspired by a beautiful cove, on the coast south of Livorno, where Tim and his wife used to hang out, a memento of truly happy moments.

With Cristina they ran their own restaurant Le Nuvole in the beautiful medieval town of Suvereto, where they earned their rightful place in the most important national Restaurant Guide books, like the Gambero Rosso, the Espresso and the Michelin.
Thanks to his cooking, and his wife's love for great quality wines, they also made it into the A.I.S. Bibenda, the prestigious Italian Sommelier association’s guide to restaurants.

Chef Tim then went to do a working stage at Noma in Copenhagen, at the time considered the number one restaurant in the world, where he developed his passion for foraging, preserving, fermenting, cheese production and vinegar making.

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You can taste this perfect marriage of tradition and innovation in the plates Chef Magee and his excellent crew, Joe McAndrews, Kurtis Pavillionis and Shawn Neff, offer today at Calafuria. Everything is homemade, starting from the fresh pastas, to the butter, the cheese, the bread, the vinegars, the sausages, the charcuterie, of course the desserts and so much more.


You’ll recognize Cristina’s touch in the wine list. Calafuria’s wines are mostly European with a focus on Italian, French and German cult producers. She likes to showcase small, artisanal wine makers that work with passion and incredibly high quality standards. Coincidentally the majority of them produce wines obtained from organic and biodynamic farming, and believe in a natural approach to wine making.
If you’re not familiar with them, relax and let the knowledgeable staff help you navigate the wine list, you will not be disappointed.